Li-Ion Battery Pack - 4.8kWh - LiFePO4


  • Low environmental impact
  • Superior thermal stability
  • High peak power rating
  • Long cycle life
  • Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Parallalable up to 15 battery packs to a total of 72kWh

Intelligent BMS features:

  • Over-discharge detection
  • Overcharge detection
  • Overcurrent detection
  • Short detection
  • Temperature detection
  • Auto cell balancing
  • Communication

Communication ports:

The BMS has two RS485 ports and one RS232 port.

The two RS485 ports are used for parallel connection of the battery.

The RS232 port allows for real-time monitoring of the following:

  • Individual cell capacity
  • Total battery bank capacity
  • Battery bank current
  • Environment temperature
  • Cell temperature
  • Charging/discharging current
  • Cycle count estimate


Combination method15S5P
Rated capacityTypical: 105 Ah
Minimum: 100 Ah
Mean operation voltage48.0-49.5 V
Voltage at end of discharge39-43.0 V
Charging voltage54.0-54.6 V
Internal impedance (measured at AC
1kHz after 50% charge)
Standard continuous charge current20A
Maximum continuous charge current 100A
Maximum continuous discharge current  100A
Operation temperature (at 60±25% R.H) Charge: 0~45 °C
Discharge: -20~55 °C
Storage temperature (at 60±25% R.H)less than 12 months: -10~35°C 
less than 3 months: -10~45°C
less than 7 days: -20~65°C
Dimensions442 x 480 x 221.5 mm
Volumetric specific energy104Wh/L
Gravimetric specific energy87 Wh/kg

Cycle life:

Battery tested for the following:

Depth of dischargeCycles @ 25°C and 1C (100A)


Note: The Tests were done with a 100Amp Load (1C)  ... Most other brands do their tests with a 10Amp or 20Amp Load


1  x  Li-Ion Battery Pack - 4.8kWh - LiFePO4

1  x  Bolts and nuts to mount the battery in a battery cabinet

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Li-Ion Battery Pack - 4.8kWh - LiFePO4

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