3D Printer Kit - Base Model Kossel Delta Printer

Supply:                       220VAC / 12VDC
Power:                        240W/360Watt
Print Size:                   240 x 285mm
Filament Size:            1.75mm
filament Type:           PLA/ABS/PVA/HIPS/WOOD
Nozzle Size:                0.40mm
Layer Thicknes:         0.05 - 0.40mm
Supported Format:   STL, GCODE, OBJ
Slide Type:                  Bearings on Extrusion
Print Speed:                20 - 150mm/sec
Heated Bed:                No
Print Speed:                20 - 150mm/sec
Interface:                     USB and SD Card

This kit comes with Injection Moulded Plastic Parts, Included is also a small roll of Filament (1.75mm), you also get
the SD Card with all Assembly Instructions and Software. You can also find all the Youtube video Links on the SD Card
if you prefer using video instructions.

All Parts are supplied in this kit you might need a few special tools, basic tools are also included in this kit.
All Stepper motors, Stepper Motor Drivers, Limit Switches, Plastic Parts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, Power Supply,
Print Bed, Hot End, Bearings, Pulleys, LCD Screen, MK1 Controller, Cables, Aluminium Extrusions are all included
in this Kit


1  x  Complete 3D Printer Kit

*Pictures are for ilistration Purpose, Each Printer will include it's own Kit Items

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3D Printer Kit - Base Model Kossel Delta Printer

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