Installation Terms & Conditions

Any Installation done by any of our poeple will be subject to our Installation Terms and Conditions

All Installed Systems will Remain the Property of Elexco (Pty) Ltd Untill Full Payment has been Made to Elexco (Pty) Ltd and the Full Payment Reflects in Our Bank Account

Insurance Terms

Our Insurance will be covering all equipment from our shop to the clients premises until installed at the Clients premises, Once the products have been installed at the clients

premises the products will NOT be covered under our insurance even if the installation is Not yet Completed, Only Products returned to our premises will still be covered, all items

left at the clients premises will be without insurance cover, unless Specified via Email from the Director specifiying that the items left behind will be covered.

Installed Solar or Backup Systems will Not be covered under our Insurance this will Include Batteries, Inverters, Solar Panels, Electrical Equipment, and all Cable Work

Any Electrical Appliances powered from our Solar or Backup Systems will Not be Covered on our Insurance, the client needs to cover this on he's own insurance

Any Electrical Cables, Electrical Protection Equipment, Fuses, Fuse Holders will Not be Covered on our Insurance once it has been installed at the clients premises fully or partial installations

Any Lightning Damage on any Equipment will Not be covered on our insurance, even if lighning/Surge Protection has been installed by Us

Electrical Certificate of Compliance - COC

All Installations will be Done without any Electrical Certificates (COC) unless we have specified in writing on the Quote

The COC we supply if Specified on the Quote in Writing will only include the changes we made to the existing Electrical Circuit and also the new Circuits Added to the Electrical System

The Existing Electrical Circuits will Not be included in our COC unless specified on the Quote

The Existing Wiring & Electrical Equipment will Not be Included in our COC unless Specified on the COC

Inverter Warranty

All Inverters Installed by Us will have their Full 12 Month Warranty period unless else Specified on the Quote or Invoice

All Inverters Not Installed by us will have their Full 12 Month Warranty period provided it has been installed by a Qualified person and the installation has a Valid COC certificate

for the Inverter system

No Warranty will be Issued if the Inverter was Opened or if any Physical Damage can be seen on the outer Covers

No Warranty will be given on Battery Inverters if used without Batteries

No Warranty will be given if the Client uses a Smaller inverter as per our recomendation

No Warranty will be given on Overloaded Inverters (3rd Party Will do Assesment on Inverter)